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Up to 80% Off: Sifr!
Inspired by iconic architecture, music and art, Sifr seeks to bring modern finesse to the thinking man’s wardrobe. This collection of must-haves includes casual basics like the Voile Pocket Panel Print Shirt and the tie-waist Caddee Pant alongside tailored blazers and shorts for more dapper occasions.

  • SIFR Men's Caddee Pant (Brown)

    SIFR Men’s Caddee Pant (Brown)


  • SIFR Men's Journey Shirt (Olive)

    SIFR Men’s Journey Shirt (Olive)


  • SIFR Men's Lazy Blazer (Navy)

    SIFR Men’s Lazy Blazer (Navy)


  • SIFR Men's Lazy Short (Khaki)

    SIFR Men’s Lazy Short (Khaki)


  • SIFR Men's Rib Extended Throw-Cardigan (Black)

    SIFR Men’s Rib Extended Throw-Cardigan (Black)


  • SIFR Men's Suit Short (Black)

    SIFR Men’s Suit Short (Black)


  • SIFR Men's Voile Pocket Panel Print Shirt (Cream)

    SIFR Men’s Voile Pocket Panel Print Shirt (Cream)


  • SIFR Men's Volume Pocket Cargo Short (Olive)

    SIFR Men’s Volume Pocket Cargo Short (Olive)


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