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Lady GaGa is the pop music days in Europe and the United States. She can not only sing and dance but also can play a musical instrument, she is so surprising. GaGa Born in Manhattan, New York, United States of a privileged family Italian family, 4-year-old, she will be able to rely on the ears to listen to learn to play the piano outs; 13-year-old wrote the first lyric songs; 14-year-old picked up the microphone singing in public; 17-year-old New York University Department of Music early admission (such special places around the world only 20), but feel that the school is not suitable dropped out of school, and sexy dress dancing in the bar singing. She is very fascinating, she has boundless energy, her daily challenge yesterday, every thing, she let it reflect the wild and unusual means that. GaGa has signed with Def Jam Records debut album, a real name, but three months after the termination. 20 years old, she has been appreciated by the major label Interscope Records, immediately check its help singers and bands writing songs set to music. Lady GaGa is a great singer, she is a new generation of Madonna. Her music is great, very creative talent, her official debut in 2008, immediately set off a boom, total global sales of albums has exceeded 25 million, the world’s major music awards ceremony impressive. Her dress and moves look very “madness” is a very independent and very attractive. I love Lady GaGa.


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