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Estelle Mirrors!
Forget basic, these mirrors are as original as they are elegant. From the classic (minimalist ovals and squares) to the opulent (striking sunbursts, sophisticated Venetian-inspired frames), each piece in this collection is certain to add instant style to any room in your home. Looking for a no-fail style? The Piazza mirror is modern yet classic and will be as happy in a living room den as it would in the master bath.

  • Majestic Mirror, Silver

    Majestic Mirror, Silver


  • Madison Mirror, Silver

    Madison Mirror, Silver


  • Elan Mirror, Antiqued Mirror/Black

    Elan Mirror, Antiqued Mirror/Black


  • Piazza Mirror, SIlver

    Piazza Mirror, SIlver


  • Irene Mirror, Antique Bronze

    Irene Mirror, Antique Bronze


  • Buckhead Mirror, Oak

    Buckhead Mirror, Oak


  • Ilene Mirror, Antique Bronze

    Ilene Mirror, Antique Bronze


  • Patrick Mirror, Rust

    Patrick Mirror, Rust


  • Lucy Mirror, Antique Silver/Black

    Lucy Mirror, Antique Silver/Black


  • Comet Mirror, Bronze/Gold

    Comet Mirror, Bronze/Gold


  • Perry Mirror, Brown

    Perry Mirror, Brown


  • Perez Mirror, Antique Copper

    Perez Mirror, Antique Copper


  • Brussels Mirror, Brown/Gold

    Brussels Mirror, Brown/Gold


  • Liza Mirror, Antique Bronze

    Liza Mirror, Antique Bronze


  • Fairmont Mirror, Gold Leaf

    Fairmont Mirror, Gold Leaf


  • Grisham Mirror, Silver

    Grisham Mirror, Silver


  • Walter Mirror, Antique Bronze

    Walter Mirror, Antique Bronze


  • Brooke Mirror, Purple/Blue/Silver

    Brooke Mirror, Purple/Blue/Silver


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