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Forget mundane, these mirrors are about as gorgeous as you can get. A wooden diamond frame with fleur-de-lis design that will rest elegantly above your dresser. A beautiful black and silver option for your hallway. An antique-inspired green and brown square perfect for that empty wall in your living room. From simple to ornate, there is something for every one – and every room, too.

  • Amadeus Mirror, Antique Copper/Gold

    Amadeus Mirror, Antique Copper/Gold


  • James Mirror, Light Brown

    James Mirror, Light Brown


  • Oliver Mirror, Antique Copper

    Oliver Mirror, Antique Copper


  • Vitner Mirror, French Brown

    Vitner Mirror, French Brown


  • Triton Mirror, Black

    Triton Mirror, Black


  • Soho Mirror, Black

    Soho Mirror, Black


  • Set of 3 Fleur Mirrors, Copper

    Set of 3 Fleur Mirrors, Copper


  • Max Mirror, Brown/Mahogany

    Max Mirror, Brown/Mahogany


  • Cherokee Mirror, Brown

    Cherokee Mirror, Brown


  • Nashville Mirror, Antique Rust/Verde

    Nashville Mirror, Antique Rust/Verde


  • Orbit Mirror, Burnished Copper

    Orbit Mirror, Burnished Copper


  • Nepal Mirror, Antique Bronze

    Nepal Mirror, Antique Bronze


  • Thomas Mirror, Brown/Copper/Tan

    Thomas Mirror, Brown/Copper/Tan


  • Criss-Cross Wood-Wrapped Frame, Brown

    Criss-Cross Wood-Wrapped Frame, Brown


  • Justin Mirror, Copper

    Justin Mirror, Copper


  • Jarrod Mirror, Gold/Bronze

    Jarrod Mirror, Gold/Bronze


  • Nikko Mirror, Antique Aluminum

    Nikko Mirror, Antique Aluminum


  • Liza Mirror, Brown/Bronze

    Liza Mirror, Brown/Bronze


  • Elle Mirror, Brown

    Elle Mirror, Brown


  • Floral Wall Art, Orange/Red/Yellow

    Floral Wall Art, Orange/Red/Yellow


  • Aquos Mirror, Tortoise Shell

    Aquos Mirror, Tortoise Shell


  • Kingsley Mirror, Brown

    Kingsley Mirror, Brown


  • Orion Mirror, French Brown/Antique Bronze

    Orion Mirror, French Brown/Antique Bronze


  • Maple Leaf Wall Art, Amber/Brown

    Maple Leaf Wall Art, Amber/Brown


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