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MARNI Shoes!
Towering platforms. Hidden wedges. Metallic sandals. You’ll find it all here in this inimitable collection of footwear. About the brand: Since 1994, Marni has been bridging the gap between intellectualism and fashion with an instantly recognizable aesthetic that reads independent style maven rather than trendy girl. Designer Consuelo Castiglioni first developed the Italian brand, named for her sister, as an offshoot of her husband’s family fur business. It didn’t take long for the designer to gain a cult-like following thanks to her quirky take on boho-chic.

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  • MARNI Women's Mod Heel Sandal (Cream)

    MARNI Women’s Mod Heel Sandal (Cream)


  • MARNI Women's Mod Heel Sandal (Light Silver)

    MARNI Women’s Mod Heel Sandal (Light Silver)


  • Marni Women's Wedge (Powder)

    Marni Women’s Wedge (Powder)


  • Marni Women's Platform (Onyx)

    Marni Women’s Platform (Onyx)


  • Marni Women's Platform (Antique Silver)

    Marni Women’s Platform (Antique Silver)


  • MARNI Women's Colorblock Sandal (Coffee/Alabaste)

    MARNI Women’s Colorblock Sandal (Coffee/Alabaste)


  • MARNI Women's Platform Sandal (Burgundy/Coal)

    MARNI Women’s Platform Sandal (Burgundy/Coal)


  • MARNI Women's Ring Sandal (Cinnamon/Lily White)

    MARNI Women’s Ring Sandal (Cinnamon/Lily White)


  • Marni Women's Sandal (Blue/Lily)

    Marni Women’s Sandal (Blue/Lily)


  • Marni Women's Sandal (Black Earth/Cinnamon)

    Marni Women’s Sandal (Black Earth/Cinnamon)


  • Marni Women's Ankle-Strap Sandal (Sand)

    Marni Women’s Ankle-Strap Sandal (Sand)


  • MARNI Women's Block Heel Sandal (Mineral Ice)

    MARNI Women’s Block Heel Sandal (Mineral Ice)


  • MARNI Women's Ankle Strap Sandal (Peach Amber)

    MARNI Women’s Ankle Strap Sandal (Peach Amber)


  • Marni Women's Sandal (Hot Red)

    Marni Women’s Sandal (Hot Red)


  • Marni Women's Sandal (Gold Sand/Coal)

    Marni Women’s Sandal (Gold Sand/Coal)


  • Marni Women's Ankle-Strap Sandal (Cinnamon/Coal)

    Marni Women’s Ankle-Strap Sandal (Cinnamon/Coal)


  • Marni Women's Platform Pump (Sand)

    Marni Women’s Platform Pump (Sand)


  • Marni Women's Ankle-Strap Pump (Powder)

    Marni Women’s Ankle-Strap Pump (Powder)


  • Marni Women's Mary-Jane Pump (Blue/Glass)

    Marni Women’s Mary-Jane Pump (Blue/Glass)


  • Marni Women's Platfrom Pump (Aquamarine)

    Marni Women’s Platfrom Pump (Aquamarine)


  • MARNI Women's Buckled Loafer (Coal/Taupe)

    MARNI Women’s Buckled Loafer (Coal/Taupe)


  • Marni Women's Ankle-Strap Sandal (Magnolia/Lily White)

    Marni Women’s Ankle-Strap Sandal (Magnolia/Lily White)


  • MARNI Women's Spectator Sandal (Coal/Cinnamon)

    MARNI Women’s Spectator Sandal (Coal/Cinnamon)


  • Marni Women's Maryjane (Spring Green)

    Marni Women’s Maryjane (Spring Green)


  • Marni Women's Maryjane (Coal/Lily White)

    Marni Women’s Maryjane (Coal/Lily White)


  • Marni Women's Footbed Sandal (Blue/Lily)

    Marni Women’s Footbed Sandal (Blue/Lily)


  • Marni Women's Metallic Sandal (Bluette)

    Marni Women’s Metallic Sandal (Bluette)


  • Marni Women's Open-Toe Flat (Ceramic)

    Marni Women’s Open-Toe Flat (Ceramic)


  • Marni Women's Ballet Flat (Acacia)

    Marni Women’s Ballet Flat (Acacia)


  • MARNI Women's Rings Ballet Flat (Bluette)

    MARNI Women’s Rings Ballet Flat (Bluette)


  • MARNI Women's Dot Graphic Ballet Flat (Dark violet)

    MARNI Women’s Dot Graphic Ballet Flat (Dark violet)


  • MARNI Women's Jewel Trim Wedge (Onyx)

    MARNI Women’s Jewel Trim Wedge (Onyx)