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Balenciaga Sunglasses!
Balenciaga has deep European roots and a history of falling between avant-garde and ready-to-wear fashion. When it comes to sunglasses, we don’t expect anything less than bold from the design house. This collection hits the mark with glam oversized styles and eye-catching color combos. We have a feeling one of these pairs is the finishing touch to your one-of-a-kind look.

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  • Balenciaga Women's BAL0046/S Sunglasses, Blue/Havana

    Balenciaga Women’s BAL0046/S Sunglasses, Blue/Havana


  • Balenciaga Women's BAL0082/S Sunglasses, Grey/Blue

    Balenciaga Women’s BAL0082/S Sunglasses, Grey/Blue


  • Balenciaga Women's BAL0097/S Sunglasses, Brown/Wine

    Balenciaga Women’s BAL0097/S Sunglasses, Brown/Wine


  • Balenciaga Women's BAL0106/S Sunglasses, Blue/Havana

    Balenciaga Women’s BAL0106/S Sunglasses, Blue/Havana


  • Balenciaga Women's BAL0128/S Sunglasses, Violet

    Balenciaga Women’s BAL0128/S Sunglasses, Violet


  • Balenciaga Women's BAL0129/S Sunglasses, Gold/Brown

    Balenciaga Women’s BAL0129/S Sunglasses, Gold/Brown


  • Balenciaga Women's BAL0151/S Sunglasses, White/Havana

    Balenciaga Women’s BAL0151/S Sunglasses, White/Havana


  • Balenciaga Women's BAL0123/S Sunglasses, Violet/Marble

    Balenciaga Women’s BAL0123/S Sunglasses, Violet/Marble


  • Balenciaga Women's BAL0123/S Sunglasses, Beige/Marble

    Balenciaga Women’s BAL0123/S Sunglasses, Beige/Marble


  • Balenciaga Women's BAL0127/S Sunglasses, Havana

    Balenciaga Women’s BAL0127/S Sunglasses, Havana


  • Balenciaga Women's BAL0127/S Sunglasses, Green/Havana

    Balenciaga Women’s BAL0127/S Sunglasses, Green/Havana


  • Balenciaga Women's BAL0127/S Sunglasses, Black

    Balenciaga Women’s BAL0127/S Sunglasses, Black


  • Balenciaga Women's BAL0140/S Sunglasses, Brown

    Balenciaga Women’s BAL0140/S Sunglasses, Brown


  • Balenciaga Women's BAL0140/S Sunglasses, Grey

    Balenciaga Women’s BAL0140/S Sunglasses, Grey


  • Balenciaga Women's BAL0143/S Sunglasses, Beige

    Balenciaga Women’s BAL0143/S Sunglasses, Beige


  • Balenciaga Women's BAL0143/S Sunglasses, Havana

    Balenciaga Women’s BAL0143/S Sunglasses, Havana


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