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The Finish Line: Fila Accessories!
Fila is internationally known as one of the premiere sportswear companies, thanks to its high-technology footwear and modern athletic apparel. Here, a collection of sturdy accessories that will keep you looking one part athlete and one part cool. Retro red and white visors. Durable backpacks with plenty of pockets and a laptop sleeve. And a roomy, structured black duffel. Going from work to the gym and beyond has never been so sporty.

  • Fila Men's Sport Bottle

    Fila Men’s Sport Bottle {Peacoat}


  • Fila Men's Heritage Visor

    Fila Men’s Heritage Visor {Chinese Red/White}


  • Fila Men's The Decider Small Duffel

    Fila Men’s The Decider Small Duffel {Chinese Red}


  • Fila Men's The Finisher Duffel

    Fila Men’s The Finisher Duffel {Black}


  • Fila Men's F Box Headband

    Fila Men’s F Box Headband {Navy}


  • Fila Men's The Finisher Sport Sack

    Fila Men’s The Finisher Sport Sack {Black}


  • Fila Men's The Finisher Backpack

    Fila Men’s The Finisher Backpack {Black}


  • Fila Men's Performance Mesh Visor

    Fila Men’s Performance Mesh Visor {Peacoat}


  • Fila Men's Heritage Visor, Peacoat\/White

    Fila Men’s Heritage Visor, Peacoat\/White


  • Fila Men's M'S Regulation Cap (3 Pack)

    Fila Men’s M’S Regulation Cap (3 Pack) {Peacoat}


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