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Made in Italy: Rossovivo Ties!
What do the cappuccino, fast race cars, homemade pasta and silk ties all have in common? Italy of course. Expect nothing but the best when it comes to the finer things in life, and this collection of 100% silk ties is no exception. Here, a collection from Rossovivo featuring an assortment of everything from stripes and solids to playful prints and more—you too can live la dolce vita!

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  • Rossovivo Men's Striped Tie, Gray/Blue

    Rossovivo Men’s Striped Tie, Gray/Blue


  • Rossovivo Men's Striped Tie, Royal/Navy

    Rossovivo Men’s Striped Tie, Royal/Navy


  • Rossovivo Men's Link Tie, Red

    Rossovivo Men’s Link Tie, Red


  • Rossovivo Men's Dot Stripe Tie, Light Blue

    Rossovivo Men’s Dot Stripe Tie, Light Blue


  • Rossovivo Men's Striped Tie, Red/Grey

    Rossovivo Men’s Striped Tie, Red/Grey


  • Rossovivo Men's Diamond Tie, Blue/Yellow

    Rossovivo Men’s Diamond Tie, Blue/Yellow


  • Rossovivo Men's Pied de Poule Tie, Light Blue/White

    Rossovivo Men’s Pied de Poule Tie, Light Blue/White


  • Rossovivo Men's Striped Tie, Taupe/Blue

    Rossovivo Men’s Striped Tie, Taupe/Blue


  • Rossovivo Men's Striped Tie, Mustard/Blue

    Rossovivo Men’s Striped Tie, Mustard/Blue


  • Rossovivo Men's Dot Tie, Green/White

    Rossovivo Men’s Dot Tie, Green/White


  • Rossovivo Men's Dot Tie, Red/White

    Rossovivo Men’s Dot Tie, Red/White


  • Rossovivo Men's Duck Tie, Navy

    Rossovivo Men’s Duck Tie, Navy


  • Rossovivo Men's Scorpion Tie, Black

    Rossovivo Men’s Scorpion Tie, Black


  • Rossovivo Men's Solid Tie, Petrol

    Rossovivo Men’s Solid Tie, Petrol


  • Rossovivo Men's Striped Tie, Bold Navy

    Rossovivo Men’s Striped Tie, Bold Navy