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Luxury Rebel Shoes!

Luxury Rebel Shoes has been garnering a unique reputation for phenomenal footwear tailored to the city-savvy woman since its introduction to the fashion world in 2011. Straight from the notorious Highline United collective, this label’s foundation lies in its transitional and fiercely on-trend aesthetic. Featuring feminine yet edgy shoes crafted from luxe suedes and rugged leathers, this brand’s rebellious yet polished rap is continually propelled by its undeniable nom de plume.

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  • Randy Zip Front Bootie

    Randy Zip Front Bootie

    $195, $99

  • Aris Stud Peep-Toe Heel

    Aris Stud Peep-Toe Heel

    $165, $85

  • Beck Short Boot

    Beck Short Boot

    $225, $115

  • Panther Ankle Boot

    Panther Ankle Boot

    $150, $85

  • Dex Derby Wedge Bootie

    Dex Derby Wedge Bootie

    $125, $65

  • Dexter Wedge Shoe

    Dexter Wedge Shoe

    $135, $65

  • Lassia Buckle Boot

    Lassia Buckle Boot

    $195, $99

  • Carlita 2 Peep Toe Heel

    Carlita 2 Peep Toe Heel

    $130, $59

  • Prep Stud Loafer

    Prep Stud Loafer

    $150, $85

  • Etta Sneaker

    Etta Sneaker

    $100, $55

  • Ande High Heel Stud Sandal

    Ande High Heel Stud Sandal

    $130, $59