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Since 1998, the family-run brand Gracia has been hitting the nail on the head with contemporary women’s fashion. Originally from Seoul, the family immigrated to South America, which inspired Gracia’s signature look. Now based in New York, this eclectic and innovative line has graced the pages of top fashion magazines and celebrities alike.

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  • Gracia Women's Cap Sleeve Vest (Black)

    Gracia Women’s Cap Sleeve Vest (Black)


  • Gracia Women's Sleeveless Combo Dress (Beige)

    Gracia Women’s Sleeveless Combo Dress (Beige)


  • Gracia Women's Ruffle Front Skirt (Black)

    Gracia Women’s Ruffle Front Skirt (Black)


  • Gracia Women's Crop Top with Cutouts (Navy)

    Gracia Women’s Crop Top with Cutouts (Navy)


  • Gracia Women's Full Skirt (Navy)

    Gracia Women’s Full Skirt (Navy)


  • Gracia Women's Belted Jumpsuit (Navy)

    Gracia Women’s Belted Jumpsuit (Navy)


  • Gracia Women's 3/4 Sleeve Boxy Cropped Lace Top (Black)

    Gracia Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Boxy Cropped Lace Top (Black)


  • Gracia Women's Printed Fit-and-Flare Dress (Navy)

    Gracia Women’s Printed Fit-and-Flare Dress (Navy)


  • Gracia Women's Brocade Full Skirt (Gold)

    Gracia Women’s Brocade Full Skirt (Gold)


  • Gracia Women's Studded Maxi Skirt (Navy)

    Gracia Women’s Studded Maxi Skirt (Navy)


  • Gracia Women's Embellished Fit-and-Flare Dress (Black)

    Gracia Women’s Embellished Fit-and-Flare Dress (Black)


  • Gracia Women's Drawstring Pant (Black)

    Gracia Women’s Drawstring Pant (Black)


  • Gracia Women's Pleated Solid Skirt (Black)

    Gracia Women’s Pleated Solid Skirt (Black)


  • Gracia Women's Ribbon Flared Skirt (Black)

    Gracia Women’s Ribbon Flared Skirt (Black)


  • Gracia Women's Zipper Collar Top (Black)

    Gracia Women’s Zipper Collar Top (Black)


  • Gracia Women's Pleated Skirt (Navy)

    Gracia Women’s Pleated Skirt (Navy)


  • Gracia Women's Tie-Neck Blouse (Pink)

    Gracia Women’s Tie-Neck Blouse (Pink)


  • Gracia Women's Printed Maxi Skirt (Pink Multi)

    Gracia Women’s Printed Maxi Skirt (Pink Multi)


  • Gracia Women's Cutout Dress (Black)

    Gracia Women’s Cutout Dress (Black)


  • Gracia Women's Crochet Maxi Dress (White)

    Gracia Women’s Crochet Maxi Dress (White)


  • Gracia Women's Draped Dress (Ivory)

    Gracia Women’s Draped Dress (Ivory)