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French Connection Women's Shoes!

Founded in 1972 by Stephen Marks, French Connection set out to create a well-designed label that appealed to a broad market. Driven by innovation and change, the brand’s strength lies in balancing new and exciting ideas with the basic promise of quality and affordability. The French Connection footwear line is no different, juxtaposing classic leathers and suedes with chunky heels, foldover silhouettes and stud detailing.

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  • Olga High-Heel Boot

    Olga High-Heel Boot

    $225, $125

  • Yolanda Knee-High Boot

    Yolanda Knee-High Boot

    $225, $125

  • Marsella Perforated Bootie

    Marsella Perforated Bootie

    $150, $79

  • Rosa Bootie

    Rosa Bootie

    $165, $85

  • Rafaela Foldover Wedge Bootie

    Rafaela Foldover Wedge Bootie

    $170, $89

  • Odea Bootie

    Odea Bootie

    $160, $82

  • Mabel Bootie

    Mabel Bootie

    $140, $72

  • Nayla High-Heel Smoking Slipper

    Nayla High-Heel Smoking Slipper

    $140, $72

  • Calista Studded Pump

    Calista Studded Pump

    $150, $82

  • Jolynn Metal Toe Pump

    Jolynn Metal Toe Pump

    $120, $65

  • Gabby Peep Toe Heel

    Gabby Peep Toe Heel

    $130, $69

  • Gabbie Studded Smoking Slipper

    Gabbie Studded Smoking Slipper

    $120, $69

  • Louise Studded High-Top Sneaker

    Louise Studded High-Top Sneaker

    $140, $72

  • Maata Wedge High-Top Sneaker

    Maata Wedge High-Top Sneaker

    $160, $82

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